Choose a personal colour to spark happiness

Choose a personal colour to spark happiness

Colours can have a major impact on our moods. Some colours can bring us down, some are relaxing, others are energising. Some colours can make us feel happy and promote positivity. According to the psychology of colour, yellow is often seen as the colour of happiness because it is associated with optimism.

But happiness is not just about optimism; it encompasses a whole range of positive feelings, such as joy, gratitude, serenity, hope, inspiration, and awe. Happiness can also be found in living a meaningful life or in emotionally connecting with others. Colour experts suggest that if you luxuriate in serenity or crave quiet contemplative activities, then blue may represent happiness for you as it is calming and restores natural rhythms. Violet black, the colour of a deep night sky, invites mindfulness and is evocative of retreat and reflection. A delicately vibrant yellow-green, similar to the colour of new shoots that sprout in spring, suggests new beginnings and personal grow; thus, it could be associated with both hope and meaning. Silver-sage evokes feelings of balance and harmony. Orange is energising and joyful.

But the colour of happiness may also be associated with our memories and previous experiences. It may be the colour of the blanket your child is wrapped in, or the colour of the dress your beloved wore on your first date. It might be the colour of the earth that provides food or the colour of water that sustains life. It might sparkle with light. Happiness might be the pale pink of a sunset after a day at the beach or the colour of your favourite childhood toy.

Reflect on your happiest memories and choose a colour that most represents happiness for you. Tear out images from a magazine in the same colour. Create a monochromatic collage on a loose sheet of paper or in your Flourish Journal using the images. Incorporate shades of this colour into your daily life: paint a room, create a monochromatic collection of objects on a shelf, wear an article of clothing or an accessory in your happy colour. Notice how this affects your mood.

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