How to approach creativity

How to approach creativity

I was just making a list of materials for teaching an Art Journaling course at the community centre. It contained things like paint, gel medium, magazines, ink, scissors, paint pens and so on. Then I started thinking, what if I had another list of things to bring – things like a smile, encouraging words, positive energy, playfulness, experimentation, generosity of spirit? Imagine the creative freedom students would have if we brought these attributes to teaching. Imagine how our own creative pursuits would be different if we were to give these same things to ourselves.

Make a list to describe all the things you would like to bring to your next creative project.

Things on my list included: encouragement; tenderness; positivity; playfulness; experimentation; commitment to non-judgment; attitude of happy mistakes (there is no failure, only chances to learn); knowledge that imperfection can be beautiful; willingness to push beyond my boundaries; vulnerability; curiosity; self-acceptance; and no pre-conceptions (leaving space for magic to happen).

What would be on your list? Create an art journal page around this.

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