A beginner’s supply list for creating a Flourish Journal

A beginner’s supply list for creating a Flourish Journal

You don’t really need much to create a Flourish Journal – a notebook and pen would do – but sometimes it’s fun to invest in a few supplies that can add colour and personality to your Flourish Journal.

Here is a list of some of my favourite supplies.


To be honest, I haven’t yet found a favourite journal and prefer to make my own or to alter an old hard covered book. But here are a few options you might like to try. These have paper heavy enough for art journaling. You may prefer one paper type over another and also one journal size over another.

Paints & Gesso

Glue & Adhesives

Pencils, Pens & Ink

Craft Tools

  • Book Binding Tools: this kit is ideal for creating leather and paper handmade journals and includes awls, needles and waxed thread.
  • Washi Tape: Ideal for embellishing pages. I love the floral varieties but there are loads of choice on Amazon.
  • Erasers & Lino Cutting Tools: to create your own stamps. A basic set of lino cutting tools will do the job.

Thrift Shop Finds

  • Magazines: a great place to find imagery for collage into your Flourish Journal.
  • Books: can be altered to form your journal. Children’s books and encyclopaedias are great for imagery.
  • Wallpaper: provide interesting backgrounds for journal pages, although if the wallpaper is acrylic it will need to be sealed first, otherwise other materials, including paint, will not stick to it.
  • Textiles: material provides attractive and colourful backgrounds for pages, can be used for collages, and can provide interesting textures to pages. Old lace can be used to print through.
  • Sewing Patterns: provide slightly transparent backgrounds.
  • Buttons, beads, ribbon, lace, and jewellery: can be used as decorations.

Things Around the Home

  • Tea & Coffee: great natural materials for creating aged and stained looking backgrounds.
  • Old wrapping paper and greeting cards: useful for backgrounds and images.
  • Gift bags: can be used a pages in a handmade journal or as added pages in an existing journal.
  • Flowers & Leaves: can be used to create natural prints.
  • Sticks: can be used as painting or writing tools to create organic random marks.
  • Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, toothpicks, drain covers, tinfoil, plastic bags: these objects and others like them can all be used to create texture on your pages through stamp making techniques.
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